About us

Welcome to the volleyball agency "Siberia Sport Invest" website!

Our agency is located in Novosibirsk, Russia. The general director is Anton Bobrov, licensed agent of FIVB and Russian Volleyball Federation.
We represent young players as well as top players of the national teams of Russia, Ukraine and other countries in Russia and over the world. We offer help in finding players for all professional volleyball clubs. All year round we are on the road visiting all important international competitions as well as games of the championship of Russia.
Our agency has a wide network of partners around the world. We are in short contact with presidents of clubs, coaches, players and agents, thus receiving the fresh information of volleyball market. The Agency "Siberia Sport Invest" invites all professional players and clubs for the collaboration.

We know how to build a career of a young player!

We can help first-class professionals sign favorable contracts!